Build a tag … a mini marvel project 

I’m participating in a project through my mini marvels Facebook group. Each week we are given an instruction and we need to spend less than 10 mins on doing that on the tag… or whatever substrate you want to work on. Here is my tag and the progress pics… Weeks 1 and 2 saw me […]

Raggy doll circle journal

So I have caught up on one of the circle journal projects I have going on… this is Lynn’s journal pages (currently loose leaf) and the background that Jackie made for the starting point.  Lots of lovely rich colours and patterns and layers of papers.  The theme for this month was beach so I grabbed […]

Making and decorating junk journals

Had a couple of friends round last night to make junk journals out of cardboard cut from packaging. Yes we started with a mountain of cardboard… but what we ended up with are handmade journals.  I stole the idea from the circle journal I am involved in and Linda made a junk journal for us […]