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Dragonflies paint a long with LillyPea designs

Another paint a long, another picture I am happy enough with that I’ve framed it!

Just like the bee one, this was with LillyPea Designs over on Facebook.

That final picture was where I left it at the end of the session… but a couple of days later I pulled out my Prismacolour pencils and added a little more definition to finish off the picture.

And then I framed it and hung it in my craft room…

Happy crafting!


Lillypea designs paint a long

Another little watercolour painting, this time following a tutorial on Facebook from LillyPea designs.

This was a beautiful bee tutorial.

I started with drawing out the image…

And then colour blocking…

It was at this point I realised I had added black to the wrong part of the bee… so then I had to improvise a new style of bee!

The wings were interesting, as the brown was looking odd at the beginning.

I had a lot of bleeding on the yellow at the bottoming decided to go with it.

Loved doing the legs and adding shading and texture on it.

There were a few more layers on each section and then started adding in the background colour of the turquoise and blue.

The final stages included lots of little marks using watercolour pencils and then my favourite thing… splatters!

Love love love this!

The whole painting is 8×8 so I am going to frame this in my craft room.

Happy crafting!


African savannah sunset watercolour

I mentioned a few days ago that the princess and I had been painting again, and this time it was Matthew Palmer’s online workshop for an African Savannah sunset.

Not 100% happy with my sky, but love how the whole piece looks.

The princess did a great job. She chose to also do the giraffe I didn’t want to add to mine, but didn’t want to do leaves on the tree… so between us we followed the full tutorial.

Really enjoyed my painting time with the princess… and love the pictures we made.

Happy crafting!


Lakeland sunset watercolour

So this watercolour painting as a family is becoming a thing now … this time I’ve got the Lakeland sunset paintings that we did a couple of weeks ago following Matthew Palmer’s online workshop.

This time I don’t have any in progress shots, just the finished ones. Love the final piece I made, and proud of how we all did as a family.

Although the class isn’t difficult to follow, the techniques are sometimes tricky to master, so each is a new lesson.

Looking forward to more lessons… this weekend the princess and I did an African sunset, but will share the results on another day!

Happy crafting!


Elle Smith watercolour highland cow

Another day, another watercolour tutorial… do you get the impression I am obsessed? They require very little resources or space to play with, which is an issue whilst I am WFH at the moment… hence they keep getting played with.

Anyway this time it was the highland cow one from Elle Smith Art tutorial.

Not sure I got the fluffy hair on his forehead right but still love how it turned out!

Happy crafting!


You tube tutorials and FaceTime chats

I decided to invite one of my daughter’s friends to join Maya and I on a painting day by joining us virtually on FaceTime and watching the same you tube video at the same time. It took some technical shenanigans but we got there and a couple of weeks ago painted flamingos using this YouTube tutorial.

Here is my finished piece…

This was fun to paint and more importantly good to chat with the girls and then hearing them continue chatting after the painting session!

This week we tried it again… this time the theme is butterflies and this was the tutorial.

The tutorial doesnt include splatters for this but I couldn’t help myself!

Our set up for painting is a little squished… L on FaceTime on the phone, iPad showing the you tube video to me and M, L has the you tube on a phone too. We have to pause at the same time to keep in sync and we listen to the audio from L’s end!

Not sure what the plan is for next week …. Will have to find another suitable painting for us to try!

Happy crafting!


Elle Smith Art Facebook paint a long sessions

My friend Darcy let me know about another artist offering watercolour tutorials, this time as Facebook videos, so I thought I would have a go.

The artist is Elle Smith (Facebook name is Elle Smith Art). She does a loose watercolour paintings with animals mainly so very different in style to Matthew Palmer who we are doing the landscape paintings with.

I started with a pheasant in flight…

There is a lot more drawing for these ones but it was still an enjoyable couple of hours. I would say its about half drawing and half painting.

The next I tried was a giraffe, this time I did the drawing in one session and the painting in another.

Super happy with this … think the head should have been a little longer but happy with how it turned out.

So far I’ve also managed to do the drawing for a highland cow but not got around to the painting part yet. Will share when I have!

Am enjoying playing with watercolours and learning new skills. Would recommend Elle’s tutorials for people just starting out as they aren’t too difficult. Matthew’s are more complex but he talks through each stage really well so again anyone can have a go and learn.

Happy crafting!


Watercolour Painting … moonlit city scene

Once again the family gathered last Sunday to do a Matthew Palmer online live workshop. This time he was teaching a moonlit night city scene… Think Venice.

This is what I created…

Not exactly Venice in style but happy with my made up scene!

And here are the families efforts…

Each has its good parts and bad parts and once again fun was had… although the stress of adding those lampposts at the end was big style tense!!!

Didn’t take many in progress shots but here are the couple I took!

As you can see it goes through the “hot mess” stage before it starts to pull together into a picture.

Once again pleased with what I created. This weekend not doing a live one but instead one that we’ve purchased from a few weeks ago as we didn’t fancy the theme this week. So will of course share the results once we have them!

Happy crafting!