An ATC and a YouTube premiere! (82)


I’m super excited! I’ve done a crafting video and edited it and added some captions! So proud of myself! 

What did I make? 

Well I made this…  

It’s an ATC using the theme of Gear which is the latest #52cafecards challenge in #maremismallart creative cafe group on Facebook.  

link to video 
Loved making it. Still finding it weird to talk to myself out loud whilst crafting! Hopefully you will find it informative and enjoyable.  

I did cut some waffle out and some of the faffing around but otherwise it’s pretty much as it happened. 
Hoping to make more videos … maybe aim for one crafting one a month? … but only if people find them useful. I’m still experimenting with the desk set up but starting to understand a bit more how much space I have for the camera picture.  

Anyways…. one more ATC towards the 365 challenge done. 

Happy crafting! 


1 thought on “An ATC and a YouTube premiere! (82)

  1. Just watched the video …LOVED it! Thank you so much for sharing. Need me that stamp defo and love the diecut cogs …… superb ATC!
    Thanks again

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