Gelli plate ATCs and embossing play (154 _ 167)

I have a whopping 14 ATCs to share with you! Get ready for a lot of photos. 

The starting point was the a3 sheet I did gelli plate printing on ahead of the class in early March. 

I never did get around to doing anything with it until last weekend.  When I gave up the temptation to cut it into atcs. 

I cut it a little smaller than the blanks and then cut black cardstock as the mounts.  This is just some of them. 

I then sorted them into some groups, grabbed versamark and embossing powder and went to town! Such fun! 

I started with these four… 

… a simple sentiment was all they needed I felt. I used for all of them my mixed powder which is red and black and gives a lovely mottled effect. 

Next was these two… 

I particularly like the one on the right where the pattern looks like a sunrise. 

The next three were using the big bold flower stamp from Artemio with different patterned petals. 

I also chose some sentiments from a magazine stamp set again mixing in the white embossing. 

I kept to that theme for the next few too. 

Again Artemio stamping combined with magazine stamps. 

The Artemio stamps were used for these two as well. Love these images even if they are a tad too big for atcs. But these partially stamped images worked fine.

And finally one more flower one but this time using two different stamps and the two different embossing powders. 

I do have a couple of pieces of the paper left to play with but I think 14 is pretty good for one session! 

Happy crafting! 


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