Making up Christmas cards… Countdown to Christmas finale 

So it’s time to wrap up the Countdown to Christmas series… 

… and actually make some cards! 

I took this pile of ATCs… 

… and some card blanks and made a massive amount of cards! 

Some are mounted onto the 4×4 card blanks, some onto C6 cards and others onto 6×6 card blanks. Some got doodled borders and others an embossed mount piece of card. 

I have to say it gave me great delight going through the ones I had made and seeing them become something and then choosing each of them to write and send.  I know there were other card a I’ve also made which don’t feature here … but as per usual I made more than I needed so some will become gifts for my aunties and others will remain until next year! 

I haven’t actually finished Christmas crafting just yet either… So fear not … more inspiration to come. 

I recommend using ATCs as card toppers though if, like me, you want to create a unique piece each time. Perfect to make little works of art and then simply adhere them to a card blank at the end. 

Such a joy! 

Happy crafting! 


2 thoughts on “Making up Christmas cards… Countdown to Christmas finale 

  1. I have loved this series and found it very inspirational. I love how the finished cards look.
    Thank you so much for sharing the end results, lots of cards to look at.

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