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52 mixed media cards week 10 “How does your garden grow?”

Ok it’s time to share this week’s 52 mixed media playing card and the prompt is

How does your garden grow?

Well with plenty of weeds and mud if I am honest!!! However I can make pretty art to forget about that!

So whilst I am being honest I actually made this card before I knew the prompt as a card ready for when I didn’t want to follow the prompt and so I had one prepared ahead of time in case I wasn’t able to create… but it fits the prompt so I’m using it this week.

And why am I confessing this? Because I made a video and that will give it away regardless! Lol!

So enough blathering … here is what I made…

Plenty of gorgeous textures and colours. Super happy with this!

And here is the link to the video.

Happy crafting!


2 thoughts on “52 mixed media cards week 10 “How does your garden grow?””

  1. You amaze me the way you come up with such brill ideas!
    Love those beads on the cork mat….want to touch it …..and such contrasting colours.
    Another great creation.

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