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Circle journal page for Hazel

Time to share another circle journal page…

I chose a black envelope in Hazel’s journal as my surface to work on and grabbed some of the elements she had gifted to work with. The little oriental charm gave me the idea to work with the Lynne Perella stamps.

This is the first in progress picture with the paint, stencilling, paper and then waiting for the glossy texture paste to dry.

I love the tag and how I added all the layers of paint, embossing and sanding to make it dimensional and more vintage.

In the sunshine you can really see all the layers and the bright colours I added. I love that I kept quite a lot of the black background still visible too.

And in the light off the lamp you can see the texture paste shine too!

Happy crafting !



2 thoughts on “Circle journal page for Hazel”

  1. This is so exciting Catherine. I love that you enjoyed creating this. I love it too. The LP oriental stamps are some of my favourites! Xx 😊

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