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Arty Session.. Paris

So I didn’t want long to put some of the techniques that Karen Stamper shared at our class last weekend to use… I included them in this Paris based canvas session I did with my friends.

None of us finished our pieces completely as they need to dry before some of the finer details can be added but love how they all came out by the end of the session.

Mine is above. I love the drips and the metallic splatter I added. Definitely had a detour from Karen’s limited supplies as couldn’t resist using my Art Alchemy Sparks paints!

The pic of it in the daylight the next morning shows the colour better… it’s amazing the difference that natural light makes! (Depressing to think that days are getting shorter now as we head into autumn!)

Below are the pieces made by the others … Mara, Kathie and Eleanor.

Love how different they all look whilst keeping to similar ideas and the same theme.

Fast forward to the next night and I set about adding more details and definition… and ended up with a few more landmarks…

And then last night some more details added with embossing and an embossed Eiffel Tower. Calling it finished!

Need to get this in a frame and on the wall. Super super proud of this.

Happy crafting!



2 thoughts on “Arty Session.. Paris”

  1. I adore this Catherine, it’s fantastic. So much interest and fabulous blends of images and colours! Xx

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