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Art journalling

Today I am back to working in my journal just for me… And my page transformed quite a bit from the start to the end.

It wasn’t a clean page I started with as there was already a fair amount of wipe off on the page. I added a little bit of stamping and some masking tape onto it and then some modelling paste through a stencil. The picture above is whilst I waited for it to dry.

Next I added distress stain, lots of it!

And left it to dry… after a couple of hours it was almost dry… (yes it was that much distress stain)…

I decided to work with the pink paint that was peeking through the stain and I added more stain in the picked raspberry just in a few spots…

The next morning it was completely dry so I carried on playing.

I decided to create some large pink flowers so painted some pink patterned paper with neon pink paint that was translucent so showed the patterned through and then stamped and cut out the big Jofy flowers.

I added some stems for the flowers using a white posca pen and then glued down the flower heads.

I decided they needed to be bolder so took a dark brown Pitt big brush pen and added definition and shading.

I carried on doodling using both the Pitt pen and a white posca paint pen.

Then worked on the background a bit more with some more stamping in paint and doodling with the pens.

The sentiment I created using stickers and alpha stamps and this brought it all together… And this next one shows the page in the light.

When I started I had no plan… certainly no idea pink flowers would be the final result. But so happy with this bold and funky finished page.

Happy crafting



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