Artist Trading Coins, Pebeo fantasy paints

Let it shine Coins

The theme over at my Artist Trading Coins swap group (over on Facebook for UK swappers only because of the postage) is “Let it shine”.

I decided to have a play with the Pebeo fantasy paints and create a fab set of backgrounds… I forgot how fab these paints were to play with!

So first layer went down and I left them to do their thing…

And then I added some more colour …

And this time left them overnight … well actually for two nights as that’s when I got back to playing with them.

Love how the elements I added later have some dimension to them and have a more defined shape than their background… So how to finish them off?

Well started with a star stamp… And embossed it on each in a different colour… Then went to town with posca pens and dots!

And used Art by Marlene stickers for the sentiments.

Love love love the finish of these Prisme Pebeo fantasy paints. And enjoyed making these shiny coins so much!

Happy crafting!



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