Canvas and Mixed Media art, Inchies and Twinchies

Inchies box

Today I have a project I made during the craft room sort… which is still ongoing! I started by putting together all of the swap art work I have collected over the last couple of years… and put all the inchies together.

What a lot of lovely art… now how to use this so I can actually enjoy the artwork more than keeping these in a drawer.

I decided to use this old box which although pretty with the polka dots could do with some arty make over.

And so covered the entire lid, including the sides of the lid with inchies. I did have to cut some up with was sad but I needed to finish off the whole box rather than it being a partial covering. Plus again better to have some of it visible than none of it.

This did leave a few inchies… ready to start the next collection to decorate a new box…

Anyway I needed to finish off the box with a coat of something to protect the inchies.

And now I just need to find a way of using the other swaps I’ve collected over the years….

Happy crafting!



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