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Finding old treasures

So the last few days have been rather stressful.

Firstly my princess is in the middle of her GCSE exams… OK that isn’t massively stressful as she is calm and feels she is doing ok, but as a parent I am of course still nervous for her.

Then hubby starts with a cold on Sunday, and then tests positive for Covid on the Tuesday so I then have to juggle keeping the teenager and myself away from him, whilst continuing normal life. If she weren’t in the middle of exams I wouldn’t have been too bothered, but this really is the worst timing.

Then Wednesday the Internet decides to disappear completely which certainly makes working from home difficult. Thursday the sky engineer confirms he can’t fix the Internet so we have to wait till Monday and then I test positive for Covid.

Teenager is still negative (phew) but now we have to juggle her keeping away from us both and continuing to try and eat and live in the same house. Oh and on top of all that my hay-fever is awful so sneezing every five seconds!

All that being said, nowhere near as poorly with the Covid as we were in Dec 2020, to be honest the hay-fever is worse than the Covid symptoms so it could be a lot worse.

Anyway … some enforced none working days meant I have slowly been working through clearing more of the craft space and trying to be ruthless and get rid of stuff I know I just won’t use. It’s so difficult as it’s all lovely … but just not what I use anymore and I have to limit the amount of cards I need to make in a year as I end up with far too many otherwise with no where for them to go!

Whilst clearing out drawers and boxes I stumbled across some supplies from a pocket letter swap which were from the Boho Indigo stampin up kit. I also found some leftover cards from the Memories and More kit and was inspired to make some cards with the two treasures I found…

I decided they all made nice anniversary cards and I know my parents often need them (they still send anniversary cards to their friends) so thought it was a good reason to make them. So I added the Happy anniversary sentiment from a Paperartsy set.

Love how all three came out I rarely use Very Vanilla in my cardmaking so it was good to use some today and use some of the supplies I found. I’ve not used them all up … still have enough left of both for quite a few projects but maybe now I’ve re-found them I might remember to get them used on future projects!

Happy crafting!



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