Canvas and Mixed Media art

Teesha Moore style art journal class with Tracy Scott

Yesterday I had a fab day over in Harrogate at AFTH at a Teesha Moore style artjournalling class led by Tracy Scott. It was such fun to create some very different style pages to my usual stuff.

I used my Dylusions square journal and chose pink and blue as my base colours. These look very bright in the picture but they are slightly more muted in real life. And after this coat of paint… It was magazine cutting and sticking happy time pretty much until the end of the session.

I took these photos at various stages of the layers.

And the discovery of focal images to use.

Then it was time to get pens out and start doodling.

I haven’t finished both pages yet but this is how I’ve left them.

As per usual I am not 100% happy with my writing but sure I can do something to fix that at some point and at a bit of a loss as to how to finish the one on the right. But again I will get there eventually I am sure!

A lovely day of being creative ad pushing myself out of my comfort zone in terms of style.

Happy crafting!


1 thought on “Teesha Moore style art journal class with Tracy Scott”

  1. Had to look up Teesha Moore. …
    Sounds like it was a very good workshop…. looking forward to seeing the finished pages.

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