Watercolour paints

Watercolour Painting … moonlit city scene

Once again the family gathered last Sunday to do a Matthew Palmer watercolour.tv online live workshop. This time he was teaching a moonlit night city scene… Think Venice.

This is what I created…

Not exactly Venice in style but happy with my made up scene!

And here are the families efforts…

Each has its good parts and bad parts and once again fun was had… although the stress of adding those lampposts at the end was big style tense!!!

Didn’t take many in progress shots but here are the couple I took!

As you can see it goes through the “hot mess” stage before it starts to pull together into a picture.

Once again pleased with what I created. This weekend not doing a live one but instead one that we’ve purchased from a few weeks ago as we didn’t fancy the theme this week. So will of course share the results once we have them!

Happy crafting!



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