Watercolour paints

Elle Smith Art Facebook paint a long sessions

My friend Darcy let me know about another artist offering watercolour tutorials, this time as Facebook videos, so I thought I would have a go.

The artist is Elle Smith (Facebook name is Elle Smith Art). She does a loose watercolour paintings with animals mainly so very different in style to Matthew Palmer who we are doing the landscape paintings with.

I started with a pheasant in flight…

There is a lot more drawing for these ones but it was still an enjoyable couple of hours. I would say its about half drawing and half painting.

The next I tried was a giraffe, this time I did the drawing in one session and the painting in another.

Super happy with this … think the head should have been a little longer but happy with how it turned out.

So far I’ve also managed to do the drawing for a highland cow but not got around to the painting part yet. Will share when I have!

Am enjoying playing with watercolours and learning new skills. Would recommend Elle’s tutorials for people just starting out as they aren’t too difficult. Matthew’s are more complex but he talks through each stage really well so again anyone can have a go and learn.

Happy crafting!



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