Christmas 2022 challenge, Woodware stamps

Christmas cardmaking 2022 challenge … #8

This week on my challenge I was inspired by the fabulous Kristina Werner and these simple cards she made … admittedly I say simple but her watercolour techniques take a huge amount of practice and control … but I figured I could do some stripes easily enough… and this led to these two backgrounds.

I actually used Brusho powders as my watercolours which accounts for some of the flecks of colour in the sky on the right hand side one. I chose to do one with Prussian Blue and the other with the Black (but did add a bit of each in both of them).

I decided to turn these into landscape scenes and then to add my reindeer silhouette images.

The stamps, including the sentiment is an old Woodware set I love. I love how they make the scenes come to life.

I think I prefer the composition of the black toned one but love the colour of the prussian blue … really should do more simple elegant cards like these!

Happy crafting!


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