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Matthew Palmer watercolour online workshop

Last Sunday we chose, as a family, to do a watercolour class with Matthew Palmer online. I had been seeing the excellent paintings my friend Darcy has been doing with these classes so was eager to see what I could do, and whether it would interest my princess.

Well it was hard work, but fun.

Here is the end result…

And here are some process pics…

And here are the three finished pieces.

We all really enjoyed the class, so much so that we booked for the next one this weekend. So will of course share what we make after that class.

The great thing is that we can rematch the video as much as we like to have another go at the picture… might do this one again to work on some of the areas I was less happy with… but I must admit I am super happy with the end result!

Happy crafting!



1 thought on “Matthew Palmer watercolour online workshop”

  1. Love your painting Catherine, all three of you did amazing… And had fun, which is the main thing, but hopefully you learnt lots too that will make the next class easier.

    So glad you are joining in, hope it doesn’t lead you to buying the whole world of watercolour stuff, I speak from experience haha

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