Promarkers, Letraset

Playing with scraps

When I don’t craft for a while (because life is busy and it seems crafting is the last thing I have time for) I get rather out of the habit and lose my creativity a bit. When this happens I just grab what is on the desk or already partly made and put something together … it might not be fancy or something I am proud of but just putting something together sparks some creativity and I am usually good to get going properly once I’ve done that.

Well this card is one of those just grab the scraps and put it together and see what happens.

Just a few pieces of patterned paper, some cardstock and a pre coloured stamped image. But I then grabbed my pen for some doodled lines, some brads to add enbellishments and then I was happy.

Ok not my most creative or fancy of cards but still it’s nice and I like that it got me creating!

Happy crafting!



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