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Raggydoll sisters … a new circle journal

My raggydoll sisters are some of my favourite people in the world.  We formed our sisterhood through a circle journal and I know we will be friends for life.  One of the group had had some time away from art journalling and needed some help getting started again so I suggested a journal swap and a few others wanted to join in… so we are currently a group of five on this project. 

The idea is to do a background on a journal page and then pass it to the next person for them to finish.  They then create a background and pass the journal onto someone else who will then finish the page etc.  No idea how this will work in reality but it was a bit different from the usual circle journal ideas so I thought it was worth a try.

So I wanted to keep costs low for this for my journal so created this loose leaf journal from pieces of scrap cardstock that I had to hand. They are all the backs from patterned paper packs or watercolour pads.  I cut them down to roughly 6×6 inches.  The covers were a thicker cardstock and I cut these slightly larger.  For the time being they are bound with book rings to make life easy for posting and for them to be created on.


So my first background I decided to add some sewing pattern pieces to.


This added some texture and pattern.  As I had them out I decided to add Brushos and use satin glaze to activate them which should make them more permanent.


I used Purple, Brilliant Red and Cobalt Blue.  I loved this effect and will be trying this again but for this background I wanted something more.

So next I took my brayer and some cream coloured acrylic paint and added it to the page.


This picked up the texture and muted the colours a little.


Next I stamped the Dictionary stamp in archival and the Everything Eleanor swirl in purple acrylic paint.


I then added the stencilled pattern and loads of white and black splatters.  And done!

The theme for this page is flowers… I wonder how Leanne who will finish the page will finish it… It is such a strange but cool idea to now leave the whole page for her to finish off!   I also get a page to finish off that Marie has started.  This is an exciting project and will share how it goes over the next few months.


I also started on the journal cover. Not entirely sure that the plan was to do the covers too at this point but at least I’ve got it started.

Here is the first stage.


I used brushos and satin glaze to add the background and then acrylic paint for the stencil and stamping.

Happy crafting!


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