Random Crafts, Zentangle


Hi again

Yes I seem to be back to blogging regularly again!

Now as you may be aware I went AWOL for a few months. During that time, not much crafting took place, but I did do some arty stuff.  I’ve started a bullet journal (discovered through a friend on instagram) and one of the challenges I’ve been doing is the #zenartchallenge where there is a pattern each day to practice. 

Whilst I was on holiday, I made some cards (for other people in the challenge) as these were relaxing and easy to do whilst sitting in the tent or in the sunshine.  Here are some of the designs I made using the patterns I had learnt…  all that’s needed is to add bit of trim to the side and they are ready to write and post when needed! 

Love how these came out. And enjoyed the process of making them too.

Happy crafting! 



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